Comparing the Cost of COBRA Insurance and Other Insurance Options

Learn to calculate and compare the cost of COBRA with other insurance plans

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Many people do not realize that they have many different insurance options when they lose, quit, or are terminated from their job, many of which can be less expensive than the supplementary coverage provided by COBRA insurance. While COBRA insurance is a viable and easy way to continue your health insurance, short term or private health insurance plans, also offer similar coverage and ensure you do not experience a lapse in coverage.

Learn how to calculate exactly how much your monthly COBRA insurance costs will be and how to research and price alternative health insurance plans. This will help you and your family to find the best health insurance option that is both at the right price and provides the type of coverage you need.

Calculate Monthly COBRA Insurance Costs

Learn to quickly and easily calculate monthly COBRA insurance costs.

Compare COBRA and COBRA Alternatives

Compare typical monthly COBRA insurance costs with popular health insurance plans.