Understand COBRA Insurance

Learn everything you need to know about CORA insurance

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The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, which has come to known as COBRA insurance, is a piece of legislation that passed in 1986 and was created to protect individuals and families from suddenly losing health insurance or experiencing a lapse in health insurance coverage after losing, quitting, or retiring from a job. Although many people think of COBRA as insurance itself, it is actually just the law that allows you to continue to keep your group health insurance plan that you had at your previous place of employment.

With that said, it can be very confusing and complicated to understand what COBRA insurance is, how to enroll, who is eligible for COBRA insurance, how much it costs, and more. Use the pages below to help you understand everything you need to now about COBRA insurance so that you can make intelligent decisions about your families health insurance needs.

Learn all about COBRA insurance so that you can make an educated and smart decision about health insurance for you and your family.

What is COBRA Insurance

Understand everything you need to know about COBRA Insurance.

COBRA Insurance Eligibility

Learn who is eligible for COBRA insurance and continuing health insurance coverage.

COBRA Insurance Law

Understand the federal COBRA insurance law and what it requires of you and your employer.

Step by Step COBRA Insurance Guide

Learn how to enroll in COBRA insurance and begin your COBRA insurance coverage.

COBRA Insurance by State

Learn about extended COBRA insurance benefits that may be offered in your state.